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Utility Project CD

Experimental Music

The Utility Project
by Doyle Dean

Doyle Dean and his team of musicians have produced a compact disc containing thirty songs that have essentially written themselves. Each song is ninety seconds in length and each was conceived by methods of random determination. One thousand Utility Project CDs have recently begun their (quasi) random journey across the globe.

Featured in Issue 3.1

Fluorescent Dictyostelium

Transgenic Art

The Eighth Day
by Eduardo Kac

Eduardo Kac makes transgenic art. In his world, rabbits, fish, plants and mice glow in the dark – not because they are virtual or digital but because they are genetically engineered to do so. In The Eighth Day, such synthetically luminescent life forms share their environment with a biobot, a robot whose actions are controlled by a colony of amoeba acting as its brain.

Featured in Issue 2.1

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