Volume 5, Issue 1

ISSN 1649-0460

October 2007

Editors' Introduction

Seeing What You Mean
Elizabeth Drew and Mads Haahr


Reappraising the Disappearing Body and the Disembodied Eye through Multisensory Art
Maria Coleman

Creating Synthetic Identities in I'Myth: Zapping Zone
Diana Domingues and Eliseo Reategui

Narcissus's New Mirror: Body Images and Meaning
Henrik Enquist

Art Museums and the Internet: The Emergence of the Virtual Museum
María-José Moreno

The Etruscan Room: Using Images to Pose Internet Queries
Carlo E. Bernardelli and Steven L. Tanimoto


Telepresence and Bio Art – Networking Humans, Rabbits and Robots
by Eduardo Kac
Review by Matthew Causey

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