Raison d'Être

Crossings is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic journal that aims to explore the areas where technology and art intersect. Papers are encouraged on any topic related to art, technology or the philosophical issues raised by attempts to bridge the gap between art and science.

Technology is a moving target, and the 21st-century euphoria over the developments in media, communications and technology is fuelling the pace of change. Crossings attempts to place a multitude of ideas and observations of our accelerated human society within theoretical frameworks with a longer life-expectancy than individual technologies and media fads. Its aim is long-term: to interpret and to generalise, and to make observations that can help us understand the world and what it means to be human not only now and in five years but also in fifty years or more.

Refereed papers range from shorter (3-6 pages) to longer (8-12 pages) and can be of practical as well as well as theoretical nature. Practical papers can document actual work or ideas in progress while theoretical papers must maintain a strong academic emphasis and analytical angle. In addition to refereed papers, each issue contains a number of other items, such as commentaries, work in progress statements, short response papers and reviews of relevant books, web sites, etc. Crossings also encourages submissions of an innovative nature that might fall outside these categories.

The journal's web site offers a gallery space for the presentation of works under discussion. This space is of permanent (archival) nature and free of cost for artists. Text, images, audio, video and other types of digital media are currently supported.

Crossings' electronic home is at http://crossings.tcd.ie/

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